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Cogra Moss


Conditions of Permit


2. Fly fishing only, i.e. fly rod, fly reel, and artificial barbless fly. All other methods including bubble float, spinning or the use of live or dead bait of any kind are strictly prohibited. Use of treble hooks, fly spoons or barbed hooks is also forbidden. Crimped barbs are allowed.

3. Anglers fishing on the complimentary sporting permit issued to River Derwent / Cocker rod holders, are allowed to take two sizeable trout per day and no more than 20 trout per season, i.e. trout over 10 measured from tip of snout to fork of tail. Catch and Release is permitted on the following basis only. Anglers may not catch more than 8 fish on any single day, fishing must cease immediately that either the angler has caught and released 8 fish on any day, or as soon as the second fish has been killed. All coarse fish must be killed.

The approaching view across Cogra Moss

View on approach to Cogra Moss

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